Podcasting the Good News



             You Stiff-Necked Schmendricks
             Believing Is Seeing
             Even Now
             There Comes a Time
             Cultivating the Five Percent
             Coming and Going
             The Grand Illuminator
             I Am the Bread of Life
             "Go with Me on This"
             Don't Grab the Rope
             Love Is Always Having
             Jesus Said WHAT?!
             What Forgiveness Is Not
             Letting Go of the Ledger
             How Heavy Is That?


             Who Invited Mary?
             There's Some Road Work Ahead!
             Save the Date
             You Know What They Say About Assume
             Use It Or Lose It?
             It's All About the Follow Through
             You Look Just Like Your Father!
             Turning the World Outside In
             When the Best Is STILL Bad
             Just Plain Nuts
             No Excuse Sunday
             A True Cost-Benefit Analysis
             Like a Rock?
             A High Sodium Diet
             Goats Who Would Be Sheep
             Put on the Full Armor of Google
             Are We Really to Rejoice
             Standing on the Promises
             When in Doubt
             Disputable Matters
             What Does the Bible Have to Say About
             Did Jesus Really Just Say That?
             Will the Poor Always Be with Us?
             A Word to Fathers About Women
             But What About the In-Between?
             Call to Worship and Wonder
             Mom Wasn't Always Right
             Scale, Colander, and Fractal
             Learning the Love Language of Jesus
             The Truth, the Whole Truth,
             Life Twixt the Gate and the Garden
             It Will Never Happen to Me
             Chickens with Their Heads Cut Off
             The First Step Is a DOOZY!
             Looking For Your Keys
             Jesus' Catch and Release Policy
             One More Time
             Fixing Broken Things
             Outing Your Inner Judas
             Let's Go Out There and Be Meek
             Twenty Seconds of Insane Courage
             The Inability to do Nothing
             New Year? Already?


             So, What Now?
             The Christmas Story
             Withness and With-in-ness
             And, There Will be Singing!
             The Butterfly Effect
             Being Put on Retainer
             A Million Miles Wide and Half an Inch Thick
             Picking the 'P's Out of the Holiday Feast
             If the Devil Can't Make You Bad...
             Crazy Busy!
             The Proud Saint and the Humble Sinner
             Why We're So Angry, Part 2
             The Trouble with Trolls
             Three Little Steps
             A Moveable Feas
             No Anak or Nephilim Need Apply
             An Extravagant Life
             A Word About Work
             What Kind of Church Do We Want to Be?
             Where There Is Rubber, There is Road: When Your Neighbors and Friends Don't Have a Prayer
             Prepositional Salvation
             A Prayer Offered in Faith...
             An Eye for an Eye? Really?
             If I’ve Told You Once, I've Told You a Million Times: "Have Sword Will Travel"
             We’re Here, We're Poor, Get Used to It! Why It Pays to Own a Study Bible
             Salt, Light, Yeast, and Weeds
             Updating the Ol' Wish List
             Cars Are the Source of All Evil
             Only One Guarantee
             God Won’t Give Me More Than I Can Handle! Or, Will He?
             Refer, Refer, Refer
             Remind Me Again What it is We Are Remembering
             Following the Recipe
             There Are Heroes Among Us
             For Lack of a Better Word
             Bad Calls from the Bible: The Curse of the Corner Office
             Bad Calls from the Bible: How to Avoid Becoming a Moral Cheapskate
             You’re NOT the Boss of Me!
             Bad Calls From the Bible: Dumb Promises You Can't Keep
             Ask an Unreasonable Question, Get an Unreasonable Answer
             So, Are We There Yet?
             A Rabbi, A Tax Collector, and a Pharisee Walk into a Bar...
             Hey! Are We LOST?
             The Death of Schadenfreude
             Putting in Your Contact Lenses While Standing on a Water Bed
             Where the Journey Begins...
             Tell Me Again Why I Should Read that Old Book
             "It's Not About Us"
             Other People's Prayers
             Three Paths to Misery
             Laying Down the L.A.W.
             Welcome to a New Year!


             Happy, Merry Sunday After Christmas!
             The Unheavenly Host
             How Far Is it to Christmas?
             Insomnia Jeopardy
             The Angel Started It: Blame Gabriel for 'The War on Christmas'
             From Burnt Lips to Scarred Hands
             Jesus W.F.I. Christ
             Giving Thanks in all Circumstances
             Parable of the Three Crayons
             Sinner, Sinner, Sinner... Saint!
             He Said He Needs It
             So What Time Is It?
             "Wisdom and Folly Enter a Bar..."
             Table Talk
             Because I Said So!
             Always Wear Clean Underwear
             Dogs, Cats, And Canaries
             It Could Probably Happen To Me
             So, About Those Friends of Yours...
             Soft Shoulder, No Shoulder, Precipice
             So, are you actually going to use that?
             Counting Sheep
             The Original Peter Principle
             The Way We Want It To Be, The Way We Can Accept, And The Way It Is
             Fat Calf UMC
             MacGyver Rumpelstiltskin
             Oh Grow Up!
             When It’s Time to Do What It’s Time to Do!
             Flowers, Chocolates, and Nails
             What Would Jesus Want?
             The Replacements: We've Got Men on the Ground
             Wait. You Said What?
             Amazed and Perplexed
             Don’t Do What I Say, Say What I Do
             As I Have Been Loved
             Appreciate Chocolate
             Get A Bigger Bucket
             LUM Follies Show
             I KNOW Better Than That!
             Jesus’ Bucket List
             Game of Thrones
             And Then Came the Silence
             Is It Too Much To Expect A Little Clarity?
             Kill the Messenger
             Starting Like You Mean to Finish!
             The Story: God Meets Girl
             Exercising Heart Health: Extravagant Love
             "Well, I have some good news and some bad news..."
             Character Under Construction: Getting Ourselves "De-Scrooged"
             Character Under Construction: “But Free” Obedience
             I'll Be Damned
             After Today, We Can’t Say We Don’t Know


             So NOW What?
             O Joseph, I'm So Tired
             How Narrow and Short and Low and Small is the Love of God
             The Journeys We Don't Choose...
             Breaking the Bread, Sharing the Cup
             Looking Back to Find Our Way Forward (NOT RECORDED)
             Work Like You Don't Need the Money (NOT RECORDED)
             After Today, We Can't Say We Don't Know (NOT RECORDED)
             Going Mobile: When the Saints Go Marching Out
             The Church of the Gifted
             Apparently Size DOES Matter!
             Reason #4 If You Knew What I Have Done, You Wouldn’t Want Me at Your Church
             Churches are all about Money, Appearance, and Guilt
             All Hat, No Cattle
             The Ambidextrous Christian
             Third Degree Love
             Fear and Forgetfulness
             When Times Get Tough...
             God loves Atheists, Roman Centurions, Islamic Fundamentalists, Tea Party Conservatives AND Socialists. So Why Are W
             10 Things I Think I Think About the Church
             Greatest Love Story of All Time
             Ask. Seek. Knock!
             Excuse Me! I Have an Announcement!
             Shift Happens
             Don't Just Stand There. Do Something!
             Great Leaders Follow
             Peculiar People Rock
             Do Be Do Be
             So What Makes You So Special?
             War and Pestilence
             Just How Connected Are You?
             This Is Your Brother We're Talking About
             "...To Save an All-in-All Relatively Good Person, Like Me."
             I Want Mine Now!
             Finding Your Place at the Table
             Much Ado About "Nothing"
             About that Cross...
             Late One Night in a Jerusalem Diner
             There Are None So Blind...
             Lord of the Pawn, Flea Market, and Garage Sale
             A Surprising Lenten Checklist
             Definitely Not a Do It Yourself Project
             It's Easy to Catch a Bobcat...
             You Can Take it But You Just Can't Dish it Out!
             At Least I Never Killed Anyone
             The Meaning of Life
             Following Jesus Into the World
             What If the Navy Seals Ran the Inner-City ER?
             The Nose in Front of Your Face
             The Real Star of the Show
             There Is a Season


             The Dreaming Always Comes First!
             The Christmas Willies
             Wait for It. Wait for It!
             Lamb in Lion's Clothing or Lion in Sheep's Clothing?
             One World Under God
             Out with Fantasy, In with Reality
             Thank You!
             The 80/20 Project: Whatever it Takes with Whoever Is Willing
             Love Your Plan, Plan Your Love
             O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing
             Is Mitch My Man? Or A Man after Mitch's Own Heart
             There's A Reason Windshields Are Larger Than Rearview Mirrors
             What the Great Recession Can Teach Us: You're Not Gonna Like this Next Part
             What the Great Recession Can Teach Us: We're All in This Together
             What the Great Recession Can Teach Us: Richistan-Where Enough Is Never Enough
             What the Great Recession Can Teach Us: Notorious I.B.G. and The Moral Hazards
             What the Great Recession Can Teach Us: Why Are We Here
             What the Great Recession Can Teach Us: Time for a Moral Recovery
             Five Questions and the Future of Our Faith: Divine Constitution or Inspired Conversation
             Five Questions and the Future of Our Faith: My Robotic Lord and Savior
             A New Kind of Christianity? Who Are You Calling Disputations?
             A New Kind of Christianity? The God Problem
             Five Questions the Church Needs to Answer: A Place of Refuge and Peace?
             Strange But True Stories from the Bible: Hey! That's a B-b-b-b-b-!
             Strange But True Stories from the Bible: Sitting on a Word from God
             Strange But True Stories from the Bible: Putting Aside Tent Pegs and Hammers - How to Best Deal with Bullies
             Strange But True Stories from the Bible: The Plagues of Egypt
             Father's Day Moment
             Strange but True Stories from the Bible: No Turning Back
             My First Sermon: On Any Given Sunday
             My Last Sermon
             My Last Check: The Awesome Power of One
             My Last School Board Meeting
             Celebrate Good Times, Come On!
             My Last Facebook Update
             The Last Lecture
             Living with the End in Mind
             The Lesson of the Vanishing Apostle
             The Line in the Sand
             Talking with Your Hands
             They Make Glass Out of Sand, Don't They?
             Why Can't You Be More Like Your Big Brother Jesus?
             From a Distance
             And The Winner For Best Supporting Disciple Goes To...
             The Death of Partisan Politics
             A Monument to the Unknown Apostle
             Ask Dr. Tim, Again
             Rising Above the Chaos (Again)
             Not Getting Trapped in the Rubble, Part 2
             A Dollar Doesnt Buy What it Used To: Fear of Not Having Enough Purchasing Power
             Life Without Fear: The Wisdom to Distinguish One from the Other
             Life Without Fear: What DON'T I have


             Life Without Fear: What Are You Afraid Of?
             Christmas Is for the Needy: Killinger's Christmas Paraphrase
             Giving on Purpose
             The Advent Conspiracy: When Less Is More
             Just One Darned Conspiracy After Another
             I Wish I Could Walk on Water
             Is it the Philosophy or the Philosopher?
             One Hungry Beggar to Another
             On a Pillar or In the Trenches
             When Christ Gets in Your Eye
             When Being Right Is Wrong
             Do You WANT to be Healed?
             When Them Is Us
             When Your Next Step Is a Leap
             Jon - Kate + 8 = Reality Show Love
             A Christian Response to Town Hall Tom and Terri
             What Jesus Would Say to Michael Jackson?
             At What Cost?
             Bernie's First Billion: What Would You Do with 50 Billion Dollars?
             The Best Advice
             A Midsummer's Easter
             How Would Jesus Apply: Straddling the Question
             Moses and the Headhunter
             Lost and Found
             It's Time for A Change
             Father's Day Message
             Moving Beyong Justice
             How to Handle a Bogart
             Why Doesn't Prayer Work for Me?
             Is Salvation by God, Through Jesus Alone, Exclusive And Extreme?
             What's With All the Rules?
             How Can Such Irrelevant Stuff Be Infallible?
             What does God think about televangelists?
             Why Do So Many Bad Drivers Belong to AAA?
             No One Can Ruin a Funeral Like Jesus
             Who is THIS?
             Momma's Right Hand Boy
             Those Unnamed (But Not Unknown)
             Something Fishy About that Gold Coin
             Last Night I Was Too Tired, And This Morning I'm In A Hurry
             Jesus and the party of No
             If You Are Willing...
             Finding Your Parachute on the Way Down
             Mean People, Part 2: The World As We See It
             Mean People Stink, Part I
             Helicopter Christians
             Back on the road...AGAIN!
             Abraham and Sarah of Beersheba, Spiritual Directors and Church Consultants, Inc.
             Ah-ha Moments


             What Did You Get For Christmas?
             The Messiah Slept Here
             Christmas Myth Busters: A Real Mess
             Christmas Myth #2: Are Jesus and Santa the SAME Person?
             Christmas Myth Busters: If Santa Sees His Shadow During the Thanksgiving Parade, Does That Mean Six More Weeks of C
             The Three Great Heresies of the 21st Century American Church
             If Pastors Were Doctors, If Youth Group Had Try Outs, If Moral Character Produced Tax Deductions, and the Gospel Ca
             When Jesus Decides To "Go Postal"
             A Story to Tell
             Worship matters: Everything I Needed to Know I Learned After the Sermon and Before the Coffee Hour
             The God Who Is
             Render Unto Caesar...
             Keynote Address, The Reverend Timothy Burchill, Kingdom of God Party Convention 2008, The Gospel Truthiness
             The Curse of Contentment's Tomb
             Anger Makes Me SO Mad!
             The Bride of the Green-eyed Monster
             Invasion of the Happiness Snatchers
             The Creature From The Heart's Lagoon
             This is Supposed to be FUN, right?
             There Ain't NO Fish in The Yard!
             Knee Deep in Lessons on Life and Faith: A Gift Too Small...
             Stuck? Revenge Is a Dish Best Not Served at All
             Did you hear what Joseph did?
             Stuck: God's Solvent For the Sticky Situations in Life: The Faithful Don't Fall Far From the Tree
             Stuck? Who Gives the Dream, Who Gets the Dream, Who Grows Faithfully Into It
             Why Can't We Just Get Along
             It Doesn't Matter
             It's Me. I can.
             The Power, Purpose and Promise of the Cross: "As Those Who Go Forth To Live"
             What Frank Capra Taught Me about the Cross or Mr. Pharisee Drops His Rock and Goes Back Home
             The Nasty, Ugly, Inconvenient Cross
             The Power, Purpose and Promise of the Cross: Mirror, Mirror on the Hill
             Angles, Triangles, and Straight Lines: God's Geometry From 1 Corinthians
             Beginning with the End in Mind
             But, What if They Don't
             Faith Killers and Church Busters
             Obedience Training
             Why Beggars Make Lousy Lovers


             What's Your Name?
             Giving the Manger Another Look
             Is THIS the One?
             Stopping By the Jordan On the Way to Bethlehem
             Sweet Little Jesus, We Didn't Know Who You Was
             Greatest Mistakes in the Bible: Taking the Bible Really Seriously
             Greatest Mistakes in the Bible: Not Accounting for Drift
             The Mistake: Giving Gifts to the Ungrateful
             What Would Jesus Say to Paris Hilton
             What Would Jesus Say to Harry Potter
             A World Without Jesus: One World God Tribe
             Let the Children Come
             A World Without Jesus: Staying and Straying
             A World Without Jesus
             Unleashing Your Inner Barney
             Happy The Home Where 'No' Is There
             The Hidden Curriculum
             An Essay That Writes Itself
             Hearts Hardened by Hope
             Off Road Biking and Being Church
             It's Sunday, But Monday's Coming [Easter message]
             Love the Victim, Hate the Temptation to Become One [Maundy Thursday message]
             Why We Do What We Do When We Do It [Palm Sunday message]
             Learning to End with Beginning in Mind
             Strong Shoulders, Casseroles, and Jumper Cables
             Absence and Evidence
             A Friend With Two Mothers
             When Today's the Day
             The Scariest People Jesus Ever Met
             Kitchen Table Missionaries
             It's Part of the Deal
             Always the Cook; Never the Guest
             The Advantages of Follow Through
             Taking Brickianity Out To the Street
             What Jesus Means When He Says "Fishing"


             Beginning with the End in Sight
             When Does Christmas Come?
             Christmas Is an Invitation
             The Five Gifts of the Magi
             I Am Therefore I Do
             Whispers Of Sweet Somethings In Our Ears
             When More is Less
             Greasing the Wheels that Never Squeak
             Spiritual Anemia
             The Lesson of the Five Balls
             From Burnout to Balance: A Firm Foundation
             Where the Sock Meets the Hamper
             Balance: God's Prescription for a Hurried Lifestyle

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