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The Dreaming Always Comes First!

I am often called a day dreamer and I always say 'Thank You!' I consider that a great compliment; even if it isn't always meant as one. Now, I will agree that sometimes day dreams are a pleasant way to pass a few dull moments - but that isn't all they are. No way! Dreaming is for our well-being as well. I am not only fun (most of the time), but it is necessary p issues and have done enough research certainly no doctor but I have enough slee t levels of sleep, often referred to as that I know if I can't get to the deepes REM sleep, I am not really resting - and that can not only contribute to stress, s health issues and even death in extreme but, believe it or not, it can cause seriou you believe author Len Sweet (and I do), situations. We NEED to dream to live. If it turns out that we need to dream for our health but also for some of our biggest ideas. I was reading one of Dr. Sweet's articles some time back and he wondered, night), how can we ever manage to accom- if we can't dream of big things (day or mankind's greatest achievements have plish them? It is amazing how many of started out as a dream. And, it turns out, God is a big believer in dreams and eed and to both challenge and encourage uses them to give us information we n g hearing about this special means of us. We'll spend a few moments this mornin God/us communication (Permalink)

Speaker: Rev. Pat Sleeth   Scripture: Matthew 2:13-2

Handouts: traditional service bulletin, contemporary service bulletin, announcements insert

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