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It's Easy to Catch a Bobcat...

Worry is a part of the make-up of every human being. We're worrier's by nature, but some of us are better able to handle it than others. Now, from an emotional health perspective, a little bit of worry can help us get things done, encourage us to be aggressive in protecting this or in taking care of that. Worry can put us on our guard and heighten our awareness and help us be ready for whatever happens next. Worry can do all that when we're talking about a healthy amount of worry. Too little, and we are fearless or dismissive. Too much and we become fearful and frightened and in extreme cases, paralyzed by dread of whatever comes next. Like most things in life, a proper "helping" of worry can be in our best interests or, at least, is not a problem for us. But, too much worry limits our effectiveness to handle whatever comes next. So, what do we do with worry? We'll take a look at worry this morning and see what scripture says about it, and, if I were a betting man, I'd bet we might pick up a point or two about how to handle worry in our own lives. (Permalink)

Speaker: Rev. Pat Sleeth   Scripture: Matthew 6:25-34

Handouts: traditional service bulletin, contemporary service bulletin, announcements insert

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