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Apparently Size DOES Matter!

Is bigger better? Well, according to Alex Bogusky and Chuck Porters book The 9-inch Diet, America suffers from portion distortion. Apparently, the American dinner plate has grown from nine inches in diameter in 1970 to around twelve inches today. These gentlemen say punishing ourselves with lettuce and water do not work in the long run IF what were really looking for is to get and stay healthy. They suggest to us that something as simple as moving back to a smaller plate might help us get back in control of our appetite and, therefore our, weight. So, why couldnt this same idea of cutting back to healthy portion work in other areas of our lives where we constantly say (by our actions) that the things we need must be bigger, better and more expensive? What are the consequences of this? And, why wouldnt a little portion control in other areas of our lives help us make better choices and get back in control of our lives and our time " and give us an opportunity to do something generous with the leftovers? Well, we believe it just might. (Permalink)

Speaker: Rev. Pat Sleeth   Scripture: Luke 12:15-21

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