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After Today, We Can't Say We Don't Know (NOT RECORDED)

Last Sunday we celebrated All Saints Day by honoring the saints of the church who have gone on to their eternal reward. How appropriate is it then, that the modern church has set aside another Sunday in November to pray for the persecuted church through the IDOP (International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church). As Americans, we often take our religious freedoms for granted, but in many places in the world, religious freedom is non-existent and the practice of faith is dangerous. There are many countries where Christians (and those of other faith perspectives as well) are imprisoned or even killed because they insist on practicing their beliefs. For instance, Christian believers in Uzbekistan, Nigeria, China, North Korea, India, Iran and Iraq and many other countries face harassment, violence, imprisonment and even torture and death, all because they will not renounce their passion for following Jesus Christ. Today, and indeed the entire month of November, we are asked to remember those faithful people who are not free to worship, and to offer our prayers for their safety, their courage and their witness to us and to the entire world. After today, we cant say we dont know. (Permalink)

Speaker: Rev. Pat Sleeth   Scripture: 1 Corinthians 12:12-26

Handouts: traditional service bulletin, contemporary service bulletin, announcements insert

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