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After Today, We Can’t Say We Don’t Know

Well, its over. The holidays, I mean. Advent and Christmas are behind us and though they were fun and we got to see lots of people, well, most of us are glad theyre behind us. And, not only are the holidays over, but its a brand new year! 2011 is behind us and 2012 lies like a pristine piece of paper before us, just waiting for the scribbles, notes and plans that will become the year ahead. Ready or not friends; its 2012! The thing that always gets me about the New Year isnt that Christmas is over or even the mountain of work that it takes to get our houses and our schedules back in order. The things about the New Year that bugs me most are the fresh slate of diet commercials AND the reminder from the helpful people at various tax prep agencies that the Christmas holidays are over: Now pay your taxes! What a positive double-whammy to get your year started, eh? But, in January, confidence abounds. THIS is the year we get on track. In fact, this might be the very day when we decide to do what we really need to do for the new near. Yep. This is the Day! (Permalink)

Speaker: Rev. Pat Sleeth   Scripture: Matthew 2:13-23

Handouts: traditional service bulletin, contemporary service bulletin, announcements insert

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