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I'll Be Damned

Its hard sometimes to know the right thing to do. The Bible is a rich gift but it can hold together different streams or perspectives at the same time. At other times the Spirit seems to be leading us one direction and our tradition or practice pulls us in another. And then there is conventional wisdom, even conventional Christian wisdom. What happens when circumstances take us in a different direction from what so many of our brothers and sisters believe or hold dear? It depends. It depends on how serious the calling is within us and it depends on our willingness to live with the consequences. This morning we consider a prophetic word about how far we might be willing to go in order to heed the voice of God as we hear it. (Permalink)

Speaker: Rev. Tim Burchill   Scriptures: Exodus 32:30-34, Romans 9:1-5

Handouts: traditional service bulletin, contemporary service bulletin, announcements insert

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