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From Burnout to Balance: A Firm Foundation

We're in the middle of our sermon series on building balance in our lives. The natural question might be: "Why do we allow ourselves to get so out of balance in the first place?" The truth is, most of us gradually begin putting more and more of our time and energy into particular areas of our lives and then other aspects of our lives begin to suffer. Instead of trying to focus on the few things in life that are really important we try to do everything. This morning, we're going to try to trim the 'everything' down to three simple statements and make them our foundation for balance. Maybe we should write these things down and make a protestant version of a "Mezuzah"? We could tape it to our doorframes or put it on our mirrors or fridge as a regular reminder of our commitment as followers of Jesus Christ to finding a healthy balance in our lives. (Permalink)

Speaker: Rev. Pat Sleeth

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