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Happy, Merry Sunday After Christmas!

So, are you exhausted and suffering from Christmas Hangover? Does your house look like an explosion at the North Pole? Or, are your decorations down and put back away for another year? Have the gifts been appropriately Oohd and ahhd over and thank you cards sent out? Is your house already put back together in some reasonable semblance of order? Our response to the aftermath of Christmas is as varied as our response to Christmas itself. Some of us hang onto Christmas as long as we can and linger before taking down the decorations and putting our house back in order. Others of us celebrate Christmas but by a couple of days after everything is back in its normal place and we have moved onto the next thing in our lives and on our calendars. Most of us have pretty firm traditions about what we do during the Christmas and holiday seasons"but what do we do with Christmas on the Sunday after and for the rest of the year? Does Christmas last a single day or week or so or is it something that lives in us throughout our year? What are we left with AFTER Christmas day is past? (Permalink)

Speaker: Rev. Pat Sleeth   Scripture: Luke 2:21-32

Handouts: traditional service bulletin, announcements insert

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