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SUNDAY, MAY 4, 2008

Knee Deep in Lessons on Life and Faith: A Gift Too Small...

With Pastor Tim off to exotic and far away lands, we searched for some of the best preachers we could find to lend Pastor Pat a hand with the preaching this summer and we didn't have to look far to find them -- several of our own congregation members have agreed to share their faith story! Our series will be based on "Amazing Events and Amazing People: Lessons on Life and Faith." We've asked our guest preachers to share those things in their own life journey that have been most important to them in their journey of faith. We will hear not only about life and faith lessons, but also about the women and men who have been important mentors to them along the way. Now, we already know that Pastor Pat will be sharing Lessons on Life and Faith he learned on a trout stream and from those he meets along the way. We know he has certainly learned life lessons there; but faith lessons? Join us for this fun and important series and find out! Remember: we have a first-class line up of guest preachers -- you won't want to miss a single Sunday! (Permalink)

Speaker: Rev. Pat Sleeth   Scripture: Mark 12:41-44

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