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Anger Makes Me SO Mad!

Our current sermon series is based on Andy Stanley's latest book, "It Came From Within." This book deals with some of the "monsters" that most of us have lurking in our hearts. According to Stanley, four of the very worst are: guilt, anger, greed and jealousy. He calls them variously "nightmarish foes" and "malevolent forces," that, given their way can ruin our relationships, trash our homes and ruin our careers every bit as thoroughly as Frankenstein or Godzilla. Wow! Overly dramatic language used to sell books, right? I mean, each of us have these issues in our own hearts, to one degree or other, so how bad could they be? Well, Stanley is not talking about these issues properly recognized and confronted; he's talking about the seriously dangerous nature of these emotions left unchecked -- or worse, given full reign in our lives and in our relationships. When this happens, look out! But, take heart! There are ways to tame the monsters within! (Permalink)

Speaker: Rev. Pat Sleeth   Scripture: Ephesians 4:25-5:2

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