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From generation to generation, we have a story to tell. THE story. Of course, the truest way we do this is by living out, as best we can, the example of Jesus Christ. The tradition of the Church, through the ages is to share this story, in both formal and informal styles, through our worship. As Pastor Tim has suggested to us in the opening sermon of the series, we all have our own preferences as to a particular style of worship but we need to be careful that these preferences don't detract from the true and only purpose of worship: to honor the God who is worthy of our praise and love. We have also talked about the various elements of worship and took note that these are, or should be, in response to God's Word and presence in our midst. This morning we will spend some time talking about generational differences that can add so much or detract, if we let them, from our worship experience. (Permalink)

Speaker: Rev. Pat Sleeth   Scripture: Mark 4:1-9

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