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Most of us have experienced an "ah-ha moment," or two in our lives. Ah-ha moments, for me, have been times of great clarity that usually happen right after I've done something stupid -- but too late to do anything about it! Like not paying attention when I'm wading in ice-cold water and step into water that I already KNEW was over my waders. In the split second BEFORE the freezing water starts flooding into my waders; the reality of what is about to happen is so pure and clear that I always wonder why I never seem to remember that BEFORE I take the step too far. But, hopefully, you pay better attention in these ah-ha moments than I do. Such ah-ha moments, or moments of great clarity are offered to us by the Holy Spirit, as well. Times when we are searching for answers or wrestling with issues that are really important (to us and God) are often accompanied by an epiphany (a kind of collision between the sacred and the mundane) that shows us the truth of the matter -- if we're paying attention. Our text this morning discusses such an experience that occurred to St. Paul and ultimately led him to Christ. So, as we face the New Year with a clean slate and all the great opportunities that lie ahead for us as individuals and as a community of faith; do you suppose there are any "Ah-ha Moments" ahead for us? Count on it! (Permalink)

Speaker: Rev. Pat Sleeth   Scripture: Acts 9:1-19

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