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Back on the road...AGAIN!

Some of you are much too young to remember Muhammad Ali's KO of George Foreman in 1974, but it was an amazing come back. Stripped of his crown several years before, sentenced to jail for refusing to go into the military and fight in Viet Nam. Disgraced, many said. Still others said it was nothing but a publicity stunt. Others said it was a pathetic attempt to reclaim the glory days. Very few outside Ali and his closest supporters held that he had any chance at all. It seems like someone is always trying to count us out. Sometimes it us that does the counting. How do you go from hopeless to hopeful? From running away to running towards something? Sometimes it's recognizing what's been right beside you all along and then, getting back on the road...again. (Permalink)

Speaker: Rev. Pat Sleeth   Scripture: Luke 24:28-35

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